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Research and Education for Industry and Environment (funded by SAIL International)

The Research and Education For Industry and Environment project focuses on research, education and institutional capacity building in the field of industrial environmental management and technology in Vietnam. The project is jointly carried out with the Center for Environmental Technology and Management (CENTEMA) of Van Lang University in HoChiMinh City. The project site is located in the southern part of Vietnam. The project includes the development and improvement of curricula and courses on BSc and MSc level at Van Lang university, the development and implementation of a research programme, the training of staff (MSc and PhD level) of CENTEMA and other institutions and university departments working on environment and (agro)-industry, and the upgrading of CENTEMA office with respect to library, office equipment, and laboratories. The project developed the following activities:

  • improvement of BSc and development of MSc curriculum on environmental management and technology at Van Lang University;

  • development and implementation of 9 BSc/MSc courses on various aspects of (agro)-industrial environmental management and technology (staff training and curriculum development);
  • 'training of trainers' courses;
  • development and implementation of short courses for professionals from government and industry;
  • 12 MSc and 2 PhD fellowships (for staff training and the development of a research program);
  • fortifying the institutional structure of CENTEMA/Van Lang University (library, laboratory, office);
  • creation of a network among Vietnamese organizations that focus on research and education related to agro)-industrial environmental management and technology, including a national newsletter;
  • organizing international conferences;

The project is financed through the Ministry of Development Cooperation and runs from 1 April 1997 until 31 March 2001. From external funds the project attracted 7 MSc and 1 PhD students for study at Wageningen University.

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