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Environmental research
AGITS Booklet published

Image This booklet reports the main findings from the 10 PhDs completed under AGITS, a 4 year research project of the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University.  The main questions addressed by the booklet include: What role can governments, industries, branch associations, international traders, local communities and non governmental organisations play in motivating producers and consumers to adopt more sustainable practices? What democratic space do members of the public have to campaign against polluting (state-owned) plants? What role can researchers from OECD countries play in facilitating more sustainable practices?

 Click here for the BOOKLET  AGITSboek1724 (506.67 kB 2008-10-23 14:17:32)


Mangrove rehabilitation in the Philippines

Article Released Thu-30th-August-2007 01:11 GMT
Contact: University of the Philippines-Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development Institution: University of the Philippines Diliman 
Three management schemes were applied to mangrove forests in five municipalities in Lingayen Gulf. The schemes were successful in improving the mangrove forest conditions but encountered setbacks due to financial limitations and minimal community participation.


Cleaning-up a polluted canal in Thailand

Article Released Tue-9th-October-2007 07:58 GMT
Contact: Asian Institute of Technology

 The Bang Pa Canal in Thailand is a vital source of fresh water for many area farmers but due to dumping of untreated wastewater into the canal, it's water quality is severely deteriorated. This recently launched project by the Asian Institute of Technology will benefit 900 households in 7 villages.


One third of fish species in Yellow River believed extinct

People's Daily. 16 January 2007.  One third of all fish species in China's second largest river are believed to be extinct due to human encroachment and scant rainfall, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said Tuesday.


Climate Report Spurs Call for Change

By John Leicester  February 5, 2007 7:58AM The bleak outlook of a major new report on climate change shifted the onus onto governments, even mankind, to take action, with dire warnings Friday from around the world that drastic, rapid change is needed -- not least from the United States.
Officials in Indonesia and the Maldives, two archipelagos threatened by rising sea levels, said they feared for the future of their lands. Others said the threat was not simply to the environment, but to international peace, prosperity and development.


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