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ImageERNASIA (Environmental Research Network Asia) is an independent, multi-disciplinary research network that provides an international forum for academic cooperation, exchange and debate on environmental problems in Asia. On this website we provide information on news, projects, conferences, publications and institutions researching the environment in Asia. We hope that will become a central source of information for researchers, professionals, teachers and students, encouraging further debate and scholarship.  To keep up to date with news and events subscribe to the ERNASIA newsletter and mailing list.  Remember, a network is only as strong as its actors, so to ensure becomes a ‘living’ node for contact, information and exchange we need your ideas, contributions and feedback.  Have a look at the website, think about what improvements can be made, then contact us at


We talked to a participant of one of the organized forums, she was delighted with what she heard, here is her comment about the preparation: "This is my first participation in such an event, so I was very nervous, I asked to write my research outline for me and thanks to this I created a good research".

Latest News
Green Concept has come to stay in Hotels
MORE and more hotels and resorts across India are now adopting eco-friendly concept of hotel construction and management and are going in for Ecotel certification. It is estimated that more number of hotels are likely to develop this concept in the next five years.
China cracks down on water polluters with new law
Thu Feb 28, 2008. Beijing (Reuters) - China heightened pressure on polluters on Thursday, passing legislation that allows for stiff fines against heads of companies that foul its scarce water resources.
A call for environmental leadership in Asia
Wednesday, 27th February 2008. Source : IATA. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has called on Asia to play a leadership role in driving the aviation industry towards carbon neutral growth leading to a zero-emission industry.
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