Regional environmental planning in transitional period: Industrial zoning in SE Region, Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet

The idea of this research is carried out in the following context of Vietnam: Development planning has existed for a long period with very little environmental concerns;  There is a lack of participation of stakeholders into planning process; Development plans differ by provinces and sometimes there is conflict in the use of resource and environmental protection, especially among neighbour provinces in a region. The economic transformation and traditional central planning system form a special context for environmental planning Vietnam.  Objective of the research is to analyse the state of taking into account the environmental concerns in (socio-economic and sectoral) development and land use planning and evaluate the possibilities and the effects of integration of different sectors and stakeholders in environmental protection during development and land use planning process at regional level in Vietnam. Some case studies in industrial zoning of provinces/cities in the South East Region will be selected to see how industrial zoning plans are formulated in different cities or provinces and how the environmental review of those plans can be carried out in practice.  Based on the results of the case studies, suggestions for improvement in environmental integration during planning process can be made and methodology for environmental integration in industrial zoning in particular and in development planning in general can be developed.