Chinese Students & Scholars on China's Environment
October 25, 2006  A newly formed network of Chinese students and scholars who are interested in the environment and public health has asked to be affiliated with the MSWG. The request was made at MSWG's fall regional meeting in Toronto on October 16 by Ying Chan, a law student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. The scholars' first meeting was at UW-Madison and involved Chinese doctorate and post-doctorate students who are studying at universities in nine US states. The name for the network is: Environment and Public Health Network for Chinese Students and Scholars. Their request was made to MSWG International Committee Chair Dr. Robert Stephens from California and the UN Environment Programme.  In receiving the report of the scholars' first meeting, Dr. Stephens applauded their effort and enthusiasm and said the report would be posted on the MSWG web site.  The report can be found by clicking here.