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  1. Asia
  2. China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia
  3. Ecological modernization
  4. Industrial ecology
  5. Industrial transformation
  6. Pollution control
  7. Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
  8. Globalization
  9. Land tenure
  10. Sustainable development
  11. Natural resource management

Links to Environment in Asia

  1. The Greening of Industry Network Asia: http://www.eric.chula.ac.th/GIN-Asia/
  2. China Environment Database: http://www.enviroinfo.org.cn/index_en.html
  3. China Institute of Environment and Development: http://www.ied.ac.cn/index_en.html
  4. Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD), China Program, http://www.lead.org.cn/
  5. China State Environmental Protection Agency (in Chinese): http://www.nepa.unep.net/
  6. Harvard China Environment Project: http://environment.harvard.edu/envath/project.html#china
  7. Conservation of the Tibetan Plateau: http://www.earthisland.org/tpp/nflinks.htm
  8. Asian Regional Research Programme in Energy, Environment and Climate: http://www.arrpeec.ait.ac.th/
  9. Department of Environment Malaysia: http://www.jas.sains.my/doe/egfirst.htm
  10. Sustainable Development Network Programme India: http://sdnp.delhi.nic.in/
  11. Madras Naturalist Society, India: http://www.dmiactive.com/mns/
  12. Friends of the Earth Japan: http://www.foejapan.org/en/index.html
  13. Coastal Management Institute Philippines: http://www2.mozcom.com/~admsucrm/
  14. Friends of the Earth Indonesia: http://members.tripod.com/walhij/welcome

General links on the environment (with indirect links to Asia):

  1. The Nautilus Institute: http://www.nautilus.org/
  2. United Nations Environment Programme: http://www.eapap.unep.org
  3. Berkeley Workshop on Environmental Politics: http://globetrotter.berkeley.edu/EnvirPol/
  4. International Association for the Study of Common Property: http://www.indiana.edu/~iascp/index.html
  5. Water Environment International Consultancies (India, Bangladesh, Vietnam): http://bicn.com/wei/
  6. Environmental Defense Newsletters (includes reports on China): http://www.environmentaldefense.org/pubs/Newsletter/
  7. Stockholm Environment Institute (air pollution in Asia) http://www.york.ac.uk/inst/sei/rapidc/aspoltex.html
  8. Environmental Policy Group, Wageningen University: http://www.sls.wau.nl/es