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Studying environmental governance at Wageningen

Image The Environmental Policy Group (ENP) has launched a new website about studying environmental governance at Wageningen University. This website introduces six key environmental governance and management issues that can be studied in Wageningen University. For each issue, i.e. Marine environment, Sustainable consumption, Climate governance, Greening industry, Food governance, and Natural resources, an overview is given which majors or specializations and which master programs can help in studying that particular issue. The website helps students to choose their preferred Master program based on the environmental governance issue(s) that they are interested in as well as the more general characteristics of that Master program.

More information can be found at

Environmental Governance and Policy

Wageningen University

In a globalised world the environment in under serious threat, and environmental governance (both locally and globally) is complex.  What can we expect from states and authorities?  How do multinationals and environmental NGOs deal with environmental challenges in a rapidly changing soceity? How do we guide technological developments in an environmentally sound direction?  The Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University gives you the opoortunity to specialise in Environmental Governance and Policy, as part of either Bachelor/Masters program Environmental Sciences, or International Development Studies.

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