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Environmental research
Newly named Rajaratnam School of Int'l Studies to have 3 new centres
By S Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 11 December 2006 2315 hrs

SINGAPORE : Singapore's defence think tank, the newly named S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, plans to establish three new centres in the near future.

They are the Centre for Diplomacy and International Affairs, the Centre for Science, Technology and Security and the Asian Centre for Negotiation and Conflict Management.

Pollution 'reducing rice harvest'
Pollution-laden clouds may be partly to blame for India's dwindling rice harvests, according to research. A US team found brown clouds, which cloak much of South Asia, have a negative impact on rice output by reducing sunlight and rainfall. They discovered elevated levels of greenhouse gases also reduced yields.  
Bowlful of worry
In China, where rice is an honored staple, a bid to grow genetically altered varieties would put the country in biotech's forefront. But market and environmental concerns have delayed approval.By Robin Fields, Times Staff Writer November 26, 2006  
Experts Vow to Push Biotech In Agriculture
by: Jonathan L. Mayuga

Experts in the field of biotechnology late last week ended a week long workshop on biotechnology with the resolve to adopt biotechnological advances in agriculture and expand the propagation of transgenic plants and trees and solve problems related to food security, treatment of incurable diseases and global reforestation.

Tsinghua Tongfang to set up R&D centre in Singapore

By Priyia Paramajothi, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 31 October 2006 1623 hrs
SINGAPORE: China-listed technology company Tsinghua Tongfang is setting up its Asia Pacific R&D Centre in Singapore, with an initial investment of US$2 million.
Tsinghua Tongfang is the science and research arm of Tsinghua University - one of China's top tertiary institutions.
It has four major business lines, including ‘information technology’, ‘energy and environment technology’, ‘applied nuclear electronics technology’ and ‘biological pharmacy’.

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